Grant Arnott

Grant Arnott is publisher of Power Retail. Other hats include Co-Founder of Click Frenzy, Global Head of The Media Pad, and adoptive father of a fast-growing Golden Retriever. Grant has a specialist business publishing background spanning more than a decade, and contributes regularly to a multitude of print and digital business media. Follow Grant on Twitter and Google+ or connect with him through LinkedIn

Grant’s Articles

Etsy Manufacturing

Will Etsy Manufacturing Work?

Etsy is channelling Alibaba and Google with ambitious plans rolling out for a marketplace to match sellers with manufacturers, plus same day city delivery.


Macy’s To Close Up To 40 Stores

US department store leader Macy’s is planning to close up to 40 stores (close to 5% of its entire network) in the next 12 months as it refocuses its physical footprint in favour of omnichannel.

Apple Watch sold out week before launch

Do Wearables Have A Future?

A just-released report paints an ordinary picture of Apple watch sales in Australia, prompting the question – do wearables have a future?