Grant Arnott

Grant Arnott is the Publisher of Power Retail, Australia's number one news and information resource for online and multichannel retailers. Grant has a specialist business publishing background spanning more than a decade, and contributes regularly to a multitude of print and digital business media. Follow Grant on Twitter and Google+ or connect with him through LinkedIn

Grant’s Articles

Shoptalk Conference 2017, Las Vegas

No AI Strategy? You’re Dead

That’s the prevailing theme at Shoptalk, a conference happening in March in Las Vegas, featuring a plethora of big name retail brands and technology players. Power Retail has the news on what the world’s major game changers are focusing on next.

Mobile commerce

Mobile Commerce in Australia: IAB

Mobile purchases account for three out of every 10 online sales now, according to new data released by the Interactive Advertising Bureau. But not all is as it seems…

TinyMe directors

TinyMe Celebrates 10 Years

Personalised childrens products manufacturer and online retailer TinyMe celebrated its 10th birthday this month, joining the less than 4% of start-ups who achieve this milestone.

Handmade at Amazon

Turf War: Amazon Targets Etsy

Amazon continues its aggressive pursuit of Etsy’s artisan marketplace patch, expanding its Handmade at Amazon offering beyond US borders into Europe.