Natasha Sholl

Natasha is a content creator for The Media Pad, publisher of Power Retail. She has a background in law and communications and a passion for all things retail. Natasha loves analysing and problem solving all of the challenges and trends that come with new media and the online retail space. Natasha is a yoga addict and reluctant running devotee, both of which are offset by her serious caffeine addiction and obsession with baking. Follow Natasha on Twitter and Google+ or connect with her through LinkedIn

Natasha’s Articles


Booktopia Celebrates 10 Years Since Launch

Pitched as ‘your local bookstore’, Booktopia has capitalised on the drastic market changes caused by the digital revolution. Ten years since launch, we look at some of the events that formed this pureplay presence.

Case Profile: How Sussan Stands Out From the Crowd

Clear merchandising, a customer-centric site, easy check-out and satisfying fulfilment. Sound easy? Then why aren’t more retailers getting it right? Sussan takes us through its online offerings that keep the customers coming back.


In a world where online retailers are turning more and more to social media and new digital technologies, does street art have a place when it comes to e-commerce? MIISHKA thinks so. The pureplay retailer has teamed up with Fezwitch to bring Wilma Flinstone to an alleyway near you!

BREAKING: StyleTread Announces $12M in New Funding

Who says free, fast delivery and exceptional customer service can’t be profitable? StyleTread has just announced that it has sourced a massive $12 million in funding and it looks like global expansion and new fashion markets are on the cards.

EDITOR’S PICK: The 360° Mall

Elevators, escalators and crowds of people. Is this what the online shopping experience is missing? The 360° Mall thinks so. Welcome to the world of the virtual shopping mall, minus the food court and children having tantrums.