Prinitha Govender

Prinitha is the Editor of Power Retail. She has an editorial background in digital and newspaper publishing, news and sports presenting, as well as PR in politics. Prinitha is passionate about fashion, lifestyle, health and wellbeing, loves adventure and enjoys a bit of retail therapy to complement her personal style.

Prinitha’s Articles

Nike Inc. to Sell Directly to Amazon

Nike Inc. to Sell Directly to Amazon

Nike Inc. has agreed to sell some of its products directly to Amazon, a concession by the sneaker brand to reduce the number of counterfeit Nike products sold on Amazon, and one that shows it can no longer afford to ignore the online retail giant.

David Jones Gourmet Food Strategy

David Jones Creates Retail as an Experience

David Jones has unveiled its plans to target a growing generation of food-obsessed shoppers, with a $100 million investment into gourmet food as part of its strategy to survive in today’s unsettling retail environment, by fusing leisure and shopping.

Why Omnichannel is the Way Forward retail e-commerce

Why Omnichannel is the Way Forward

Two Goldman Sachs executives talk about the different measures of success in e-commerce, and why the marriage between bricks and mortar and online could be where the success lies, although it all depends on the vertical and the product.

Oroton Group Ltd Up For sale

Oroton Group Ltd Up For Grabs

Australian fashion and accessories retailer Oroton has announced it is considering selling the company or raising capital following approaches from potentially interested buyers.

Online Shopping GST Delayed For 12 Months gst low value goods

Online Shopping GST Delayed For 12 Months

Australian online shoppers have been given a 12-month reprieve from paying GST on items purchased from overseas retailers under the value of $1,000. One retailer says our politicians have been talked into delaying the tax by international retail giants like Amazon.

Walmart Confirms its Buying Bonobos  andy dunn

Walmart Confirms its Buying Bonobos  

Walmart will pay $310 million to buy fashion e-commerce brand Bonobos. It’s clothing, however, won’t be sold in Walmart stores, but instead made available on its online marketplace Walmart will also learn from Bonobos.