April Fools’ Day For Aussie Retail

With tomorrow being Good Friday, our usual end-of-the-week lighter side article has been pushed forward one day. And what better way to spend it than to re-examine some of the best takes on April Fools’ Day from Aussie retailers this year.

Future Shops close in Canada

Future Shop To Close All Stores

Canadian shoppers were greeted over the weekend with the news that yet another major retail brand was disappearing, in developments that may be of concern to Australian retailers.

Day 2 Ecommerce Conference

E-Commerce Conference and Expo Melbourne – Day 2 Recap

Day Two of the E-Commerce Conference and Expo in Melbourne began with an impassioned fire-and-brimstone presentation from SiteTuners’ Tim Ash, who spoke about the pressing need for retailers to cater to customers who were ‘ignorant, impatient and uncaring – exactly the opposite of retailers’.

Google Plus might be dead

Is Google Plus No More?

Rumblings suggest that Google is looking to carve up the assets of its less-than-successful social platform Google Plus, effectively bringing the once-touted Facebook killer to an undignified end.