Scoopon Deal

How Scoopon Rose Above a Grounded Airline

Along with the grounding of Air Australia went a couple of thousand travel vouchers purchased through daily deals site, Scoopon. What the company did next will come as a surprise to the many who still aren’t sure about the validity of selling heavily discounted travel on such sites.

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Macy’s Web Sales to Reach $2 Billion

With its e-commerce sales up 40% in 2011, Macy’s Inc. is predicting a massive year ahead for its online channels. And with the company’s penchant for introducing innovative features and services online, there’s little doubt that the retailer will hit its mark.

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Australian Brands’ Facebook Performances Ranked

How effectively does your business utilise Facebook? Would you know how to measure the success of a Facebook page? A study investigating how local brands perform on Facebook aims to help brands better understand how to use the social media platform as an effective engagement tool – and to know when it’s working.