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Ozsale opens first store in australia, nzsale e-commerce carl jackson ceo

Ozsale Opens First Store in Australia

Ozsale has opened its first store on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, following the success it has seen in its physical stores in New Zealand. With this in mind, it was logical to replicate the lessons learnt in NZ, in Australia. 

why amazon chose melbourne amazon australia

Why Amazon Chose Melbourne

Given that Australia is one of the top ten e-commerce markets in the world, our country is an important strategic move not just for Amazon, but other US and global e-commerce companies. So why was Melbourne its first stop?

Birdnest Shines as a Great Place to Work Jane cay 2017 BRW Great Places to Work e-commerce news australia

Birdsnest Shines as a Great Place to Work

When you think of Australia’s top five great places to work you probably don’t imagine a retail store, a warehouse and office in an abandoned supermarket in regional NSW but this is where you’ll find Birdsnest.

Levi’s levis Launches its New Chatbot

Levi’s Launches New Chatbot

Levi Strauss & Co. has joined the new wave of retailers creating digital interfaces based upon the fusion of messaging and machine learning. Its new AI powered chatbot, Virtual Stylist, brings the brand to life online.