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‘Snap to Buy’ = Snap for Online Retailing

The September issue of the U.S. Marie Claire magazine will see an interactive method of advertising come to life, which in turn will pump up online retail revenue. In conjunction with mobile and social media advertising technology company, Pongr, the magazine is launching their ‘Snap to Buy’ campaign.

Australian Retailers Watch Out – The Invaders Are Coming!

Australian retailers, make no mistake.  The global bigwigs of retail will soon be hitting our shores, taking aim at our consumers.  A recent article published by Reuters states that these international retailers, facing sluggish sales on their own turf, have their sights set on Australia as they look for new markets to infiltrate. With Costco […]

Internet Addresses to Run Out in a Year?

If you haven’t yet got an internet address, you’d better sort it out soon.  Experts predict in less than a year – 340 days to be precise – the world will run out of internet addresses. The Sydney Morning Herald reports that as it stands now with the current technology, IPv4, used for assigning unique […]

Upcoming Event: PeSA Summit 29-30 July

Being a Professional eBay seller can be a lonely business. The many small businesses or sole traders often work from home and spend their days focused on meeting orders, with little time to work on the growth of their business. The Professional eBay Sellers Alliance (PeSA) has come to the rescue, teaming up with eBay, […]