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australian bureau of statistics abs february 2017 retail sales slump

Australian Retail Sales Slump

Australia is going through a fashion retail slump according to the latest figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics with a 2.5 percent decline in clothing, footwear and accessories in February this year. 

ebay ceo devin wenig shoptalk ai e-commerce

A Peek Into eBay’s Future

Last week at Shoptalk, eBay shone the spotlight on some big changes rolling out in the next year, from fast and guaranteed shipping, to recent endeavours in artificial intelligence, fashion shows and ShopBot Beta.

cracka wines online retail wine

Cracka Wines About to Make Some Noise

“While some of our competitors have leveraged our lack of marketing to get slightly ahead, we believe that the race is far from over. Timing is everything and sometimes keeping your powder dry and letting others grow the market for you is the best strategy,” says Dean Taylor.

catch group Nati Harpaz acquires pumpkin patch

Catch Group Rescues Pumpkin Patch

Collapsed retailer Pumpkin Patch has been given a new lease of life, with Catch Group today announcing it has acquired the company’s brand and intellectual property assets, and will be launching a new online store for the kidswear label in July this year.