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Three Things E-Commerce Leaders Excel At

Six Things E-Commerce Leaders Excel At

The data reveals six critical attributes that today’s e-commerce leaders share. Two provide the foundation for omnichannel success, pervading the whole organisation and setting it up to become network-centric.

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Australian Entrepreneurs Connect Global Opportunities

Many well-known Australian startup fashion brands, like Showpo for example, are venturing to take on the US market like it’s just another postcode. So, where does all this Australian e-commerce confidence come from and how can more of us starting out tap into it?

jane lu showpo top tips for business success

Jane Lu’s Tips for Business Success

Jane Lu, founder and CEO of successful online fashion retailer Showpo, shares her top tips for business success. She says if you’re looking to start up, don’t compare yourself to others, and you only invest what you’re willing to lose.

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Is Online Retail Chess or Poker?

Business is a game of chess, and the winner is always thinking 10 moves ahead with strategies to counter what’s going to come. If you don’t think this way, you’re just a gambler playing poker, hoping the cards fall your way.