RY AfterPay trial success

RY Reaping Benefits of AfterPay

Six months ago new payments service AfterPay made its debut, and befitting an April Fools’ Day announcement, it sounded far too good to be true: an online payments platform that allowed customers to defer payment for their purchase for another day.

Amazon Dash buttons hacked

Amazon Dash Buttons Hacked

When Amazon Dash debuted earlier this year, the news seemed far too good to be true. A physical button located in your home to place an order for goods online to be home delivered as you run out of them? It had to be an April Fools’ joke, surely.

Groupon downsizing global ops

Groupon Sheds 1100 Jobs

Major group-buying company Groupon has revealed its plans to shed 1100 workers over the next year as part of a global restructure, as revealed in an SEC filing released yesterday.

Oyster Book subscription closing

‘Netflix For Books’ Oyster Shutters

After two years of taking on Amazon with its subscription book service, Oyster is throwing in the towel, telling customers the company will spend the next several months ‘taking steps into the sunset’.

Adore Beauty founder Kate Morris

Gearing Up For Growth?

Adore Beauty Founder Kate Morris shares her insights on how to delight customers, achieve rapid growth and the importance of choosing the right ERP.

Etsy Manufacturing

Will Etsy Manufacturing Work?

Etsy is channelling Alibaba and Google with ambitious plans rolling out for a marketplace to match sellers with manufacturers, plus same day city delivery.