Australian-owned Milliner’s Virtual Fitting Service

Online millinery retailer, Alice goes Out, is believed to be the first Australian-owned headwear brand, and only the second in the world, to offer a virtual fitting room allowing customers to try-on any hat online prior to purchase. Uniqlo store logistics deal Debuts Uniqlo Store, Logistics Service

Japanese clothing retailer Uniqlo has reached an agreement with Chinese e-commerce company, including the launch of an online store and the use of’s logistics and warehousing provisions, for an undisclosed amount.

Oyster online store open

Oyster Opens Online Store

Oyster, an e-book subscription service barely 18 months old, is opening an online retail space in its first direct move against major player Amazon.

marketplace price fixing white collar crime

Amazon Price Fixing Conviction In US

The antitrust division of the US Department of Justice announced this past Monday its first ever prosecution for a specifically e-commerce related charge, claiming that a man has plead guilty to fixing prices of posters he sold through Amazon Marketplace.

Amazon Dash physical buy button

Amazon Dash Button Not An April Fools’ Joke

With the influx of gag press releases received and researched by the Power Retail office this past April 1st, it was easy to miss something so fundamentally different as a physical buy button. Indeed, many other news sources dismissed it as just that; an April Fools’ joke.

Winning Group new CRO

Winning Group Appoints New CRO

Australian retail entity Winning Group has today announced the appointment of Peter Harris, currently Appliances Online’s Chief Operating Officer, as its Chief Relationship Officer, where he will be responsible for the relationship management practice for key stakeholders across the Group.