Online art sales

Art Buyers Going Online and Mobile

Artists are benefiting from the current boom in online art sales. Smart e-marketing is making it possible for artists to bypass the traditional gallery system and make a living from day one.

Kogan Budget Package

Kogan Jumps On The Budget Bundle

Never one to miss a timely opportunity, online retailer Kogan slapped together a special Budget Bundle in response to the Federal Budget last night. Guess the price…

GST on Netflix

Government Set To Slug GST On Digital Products

The federal government is strongly considering imposing the goods and services tax on digital products bought from overseas for under $1000, perhaps paving the way for finally lowering the GST threshold on all imports.

Spreets fined by ACCC

Spreets Cops Massive Whack

Spreets is the latest group buying site in Australia to feel the wrath of the ACCC, penalised a six figure sum for false or misleading claims.