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vinomofo singapore launch sales success

Vinomofo Wine Sales Soar in Singapore

Vinomofo says it has been overwhelmed following its launch in Singapore two months ago. Its strategy is to launch in more markets faster, and get a foothold overseas, but Singapore has completely taken the company by surprise.

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Consider This Before You Get Physical

As online retailers we are more like alley cats, able to flex and react at speed when interventions are required, to ensure prosperous nine-life innings. We have developed some sharp street smarts, no doubt about it. But sometimes, some of us are seduced to the dark side.

hardtofind amazon australia launch erica stewart thrive pureplay

Hardtofind on How to Thrive as a Pureplay in 2017

Erica Stewart, founder and CEO of  giftware online retailer Hardtofind, shares some of her top tips how to thrive as a pureplay online business, including putting your customer first and expanding the online experience offline.

amazon package packer robot patent i robot

Amazon Secures Patent for Package Packer Robot

Think I,Robot, where Will Smith and our human race co-exists in a world with machines, or to get even more dramatic about it, Terminator. Those movies of a futuristic world, where you watched people and robots blending together is about to get more real.

asos sales results Q4 2016

ASOS Strong Sales Results for 2016

Online fashion and beauty retailer ASOS has revealed strong sales results in its fourth quarter of 2016, 36 percent up from Q1, as investments in pricing and proposition has continued to gain traction. Customer engagement, basket size value and order frequency increased as well.

key takeaways online retail 2016 e-commerce

Key Takeways for Online Retail in 2016

In 2016 IBM found that smartphone traffic beat both tablet and desktop, making up 53% of all online traffic. Discover some of the key takeaways of 2016 in the world of online retail, including the increased stress of our logistics and delivery industry.