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Optimising for Amazon Search channeladvisor

Optimising for Amazon Search

While the news of Amazon’s imminent launch is causing mixed reactions in the retail sector, the underlying message is the same now as it has been for the last year: ensure your business is ready by preparing where you can.

Improve Your Company’s Contact Centre

A customer’s experience with your contact centre may only be one step in their journey with your brand, but their entire experience can be improved if you give attention to the information your contact centre offers.

BuyMeStuff raises $450,000 in angel investment for next generation e-commerce marketplace and technology platform.

BuyMeStuff Plans Next Gen E-Commerce Marketplace 

BuyMeStuff has raised $450K in angel investment for its next generation e-commerce marketplace and technology platform, which will leverage machine learning to help Australian SMB brick and mortar retailers intelligently connect with online customers.