ALDI Named Supermarket of the Year….but is it?

ALDI has been named Canstar Blue’s Supermarket of the Year 2012 for overall customer satisfaction. Yet, the retailer has little to offer in the online world.

The award came off the back of a survey of 2,500 Australian consumers, measuring customer satisfaction levels. ALDI received 5-star ratings for overall customer satisfaction, value for money and product quality.

The grocery store chain has a website that merely lists the product offerings with no buying capabilities. It’s a cruel temptation to consumers who want to be able to purchase seamlessly and conveniently online.

The website does however include helpful product descriptions and plenty of non-product content relating to the company and its services. There is also a store locator and opening hours page, yet simple purchase options are not available.

There is an option to create a shopping list and add products which seems fairly pointless to me. What would be more beneficial is a simple ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Purchase’ option.

ALDI’s online shopping list is pointless.

ALDI seems to have grasped some elements of digital e-commerce, sending out a weekly e-newsletter, and even offering interactive games and a free smartphone app that allows users to:

  • View weekly special buys
  • Create special buys shopping lists, and
  • Locate the nearest store

While ALDI markets itself as a discount supermarket chain, it needs to lift its game when arch rivals Coles and Woolworths are leading the way with their innovative online initiatives. Both Coles and Woolworths recently launched click-and-collect offerings in an effort to provide more convenient services to customers, and Woolworths was also crowned Best Multi-channel Retailer and Best Online Retail Marketing Initiative at this year’s Online Retail Industry Awards.

Pureplay grocery retailers Supermarket Deals and Grocery Run are also proving that there’s much to be gained from online supermarket retailing in Australia. Neilsen reported last year that the US online grocery market would double by 2014, with heightened activity in the local market suggesting Australia will follow suit.

12 thoughts on “ALDI Named Supermarket of the Year….but is it?

    • Mark
    • 22nd August

    “A simple ‘Buy Now’” is all we need to add! For all these years all those pesky ecommerce vendors, logistics companies, delivery companies, etc (eg the bulk of your advertisers) have been wasting our time. All we needed was 5 minutes in photoshop to create a Buy Now button. How silly of us!

  1. Thanks Mark, I understand it’s much, much more complicated than that and apologies if it came across otherwise. My point is that I struggle with ALDI winning a Best Supermarket award without also offering customers an online store, when Woolworths, Coles and even a number of pureplays are able to.

    • camilo
    • 22nd August

    I don’t think their aim is to sell online. They’ve been extremely successful in Germany for years and if you look at their site there ( ) still no online options to buy. The list is useful for regular customers to collect the items they want to purchase when they visit the store. Their largest competitor however does offer the buy online option and I’m sure ALDI would have change their game if it was a concern to them.

  2. Perhaps the message here is to get off ya bum and go to the shop yourself. Also know as a form of exercise.Shock horror..! Who wants pay delivery anyway. They offer a huge saving over the competition, more than enough to pay for petrol etc.

    Come to think of it, keep running them down…makes for a pleasant place to shop in, save money, and avoid idiots like you who are paid by the big supermarkets anyway to run the competition down.

      • Gabe
      • 5th February

      Gotta love the internet. Filled with endless supply of rude trolls.

    • Gary
    • 1st January


    are you okay? You sure you don’t need some medicine? Calling people idiots for expressing their views on the current supermarket climate?

    I am all for Aldi. We used to shop there until our family struck hardships, but now we don’t have much choice and need to order from Coles or Woolworths online.
    Not only does it offer significant convenience, but have you seen how busy the Aldi stores are? They are crammed tight because of their small footprint. And they run out of stock of things fast.
    Yes, they have the lowest price, they have really good quality food. They do not have as wider range as the bigger supermarkets, and the biggest thing at the moment is that they do not have delivery.

    Get used to the fact that not everyone has the time or ability or patience to go grocery shopping, especially somewhere where you have to fight through a hoard of people, only to find that they’ve run out of stock of something.

    And online groceries can take the stress out of people’s lives who are very busy or have hardships upon them that makes it difficult for them to get there and do it.
    Shame on you for taking such a dim approach to this. And of course you have no problem with them just delivering liquor only? You must buy it in bulk when you do your little trips there.

    Even though I’ve always been an Aldi fanboi, well done to Jessica for a well written article and it certainly hits the nail on the head.

    Comon Aldi, time for online groceries, not just stupid liquor!

    • Tracey
    • 21st January

    Careful Bill, your ignorance is showing. Not all of us live in the city with everything at arms reach. Country Australian’s are people too.

    • Natasha
    • 1st March

    Aldi has a great range offering, excellent price and quality. I never understood people complaining about their variety, as the mainstream supermarkets have a 20
    brand choice of the same product like Peanut Butter, which makes the shopping process longer.

    My friend is their legal council that advises that Aldi fosters great relationship with their suppliers, u like the others that have let many of their suppliers go broke! Global Nestle CEO advised that Australia has the most hostile environment for suppliers enforced by the two supermarket chains worldwide! I don’t shop in the other two out of a principle. Also, do you know how they cannibalise revenue of their suppliers by developing the home brand packaging in the exactly the same design as the main suppliers and placing their own products in the eye level.

    Sales reps from Fosters and Treasury Wines all hate the main chains!

    Go Aldi!!!! Great place to shop, yes it is often not attractive, but they deliver great product at a low price, so WHO CARES?

    Delivery would be nice however, as the closets store is 5 kms from me, making it too far to walk.

    • Tawny
    • 29th August

    Two years ago we switched from home delivery to Aldi. I put my regular order into Coles to be delivered but so many items were sold out and for the fifteenth time in a year an item was missing. Fed up, I cancelled my next order and took my print out to my Coles store.The prices I would pay for the items to be home delivered were displayed on my list. Imagine the dismay I felt when I realized that I was paying more than shelf price for most items. Yes, they had online excusive offers and specials but the extra charge was startling. That was on top of the delivery fee too.
    Online comes at a cost. I cannot shop unaided which is where online shopping was an advantage. Now I have a once a week trip to Aldi arranged. The trip is quick and the products are more than suitable. Even f our coeliac family member is catered for.No music blaring out or bright flashing lights. The service has improved over the years. The money our family of 4 saves is a big bonus. With Aldi opening more stores more people will have access to them. I will never return to online shopping unless my driver cannot take me out each week. I like to be in control of my finances and felt that there should have been an honest disclosure about the extra cost of online. I’ll be more wary if I have to go that way again.

  3. I really don’t think it is part of Aldi’s brand or vision to have an online store. They keep everything as cheap and their stock levels and customer service very lean. You have to pack your own bas at check out.

    Therefore I find it highly unlikely that Aldi will select, pack and deliver your groceries to your front door.

    • Eliza
    • 24th September

    Tawny I didn’t realize I was being charged more for products online at coles than the stores!!
    I am disabled and can’t get out to shop so aldi delivery would be amazing!!
    I was just driven to aldi to see for the first time with my mum she had a whole trolley for $142 at cole it would have been $250. I can’t cart my shopping up three levels of stairs please deliver Aldi x

    • kristen
    • 27th September

    I’d like to see Aldi increase their product range as their current product offerings are around 1,350 SKUs and of course offer an on-line grocery version for time poor consumers.


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