Expand Your E-Commerce Horizons: Ecommando 1/2 Day Course

Are you e-commerce fit? Get the A/Bs you always wanted and give your busin-ass the lift it needs with this half day intensive course in how to expand your e-commerce business profitably and sustainably.

Another exciting initiative brought to you by Power Retail, we gather a team of experienced analysts and e-commerce professionals to help you realise your full digital potential.

The ECOMMANDO 1/2 DAY COURSE E-Commerce Expansion Roadmap is for any retailer planning growth activities. Feel the burn as you’re put through your paces on best practice tactics and successful strategies in the following areas:

  • global commerce
  • supply chain optimisation
  • digital marketing
  • cross-channel efficiency 
  • and more

No more excuses – if there’s one workout not to be missed, this is it. Four hours of jam-packed e-commerce gold that will fire your bottom line and bolster your enterprise muscle.

At only $95, it’s the best value educational opportunity you’ll find all year. So what are you waiting for? Flex your way to the booking page now!

With thanks to our Sponsors:

Gold: Demandware

Silver: Emote Digital

Silver: eStar


*Retailer delegates only, thank you!

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