Power Slide: A New Direction For Power Retail

In accordance with the wishes of our new chief editor Cleremy Jarkson, Power Retail will be closing down as of midnight April 1st, with the brand changing direction to cover a new demographic: the field of high-performance automobiles.

Rebranding the site as Power Slide, the Power Slide editorial team will be following its more core passions for fast cars and going sideways around corners grunting “Powerrrrrrrr!”, which remains a core focus for the brand that will continue to control content marketing division Power Content.

Jarkson commented that the website’s former owner, Grant Arnott, had lost interest in maintaining the website through Australian online retail’s meteoric rise to relevance on the world stage, and that the new direction for the website would be a welcome change from punching producers in the mouth.

I for one am sad to see the brand’s shift in direction. Online retail has been an area rich in material for a writer to make his professional debut, and providing the same sort of editorial expertise for the website under its new direction will be a challenging shift of direction. Nonetheless, the editorial team and I stand with our new boss, as we drift around this particular corner of our history.

The team will remain in our current Melbourne location for the time being, to trial new editorial segments related to nearby major sports car events and the Formula 1 Grand Prix. But as for online retail, today’s newsletter will signal the end of our five-year lap. We thank our loyal readers for their support, and welcome the new market of performance-minded car owners our new direction will undoubtedly attract.

One thought on “Power Slide: A New Direction For Power Retail

    • Ken
    • 1st April

    Joke of the day eh?


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