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EDITOR’S PICK: Finding the Perfect Fit


Struggling to find the perfect pair of jeans? A good pair is hard to come by and means countless hours spent in the change room…. However, buying jeans just got a whole lot simpler thanks to new 3D mapping technology from Bodymetrics.

Shopping for jeans is a task that fills many people with dread. The thought of having to go out and try on pair after pair to find the perfect fit scares thousands of shoppers away, and one must not forget to follow the ‘jean buying rules’…

  • By them a size too small because they’ll stretch
  • Everyone needs a black and blue pair in the cupboard
  • Pockets will make your bum look bigger
  • Skinny jeans shouldn’t be worn by people with cankles – unless the right shoes are worn
  • A higher cut jean with a wider waistband will hide a tummy

How is anyone supposed to find the perfect pair of jeans if there are a number of rules to follow and so many pairs of jeans to try?

The answer has arrived thanks to Bodymetrics. Bodymetrics is a company using 3D body mapping technology that has helped customers in Selfridges in the UK find that perfect pair of jeans. More recently this technology became available in a Los Angeles Bloomingdales thanks to Bodymetrics partnership with digital agency Razorfish and Microsoft Kinect.

Bodymetrics Pod

“Bodymetrics is extremely proud to partner with Bloomingdale’s which has been a leader in retail innovation since its very start,” says Suran Goonatilake, CEO, Bodymetrics. “Pioneering retailers are increasingly understanding the value of body-mapping and the opportunity to offer unique experiences in-store, and also on-line, where customers will be able to virtually try-on garments to find perfect-fitting garments on their body-maps.”

The Pod’s technology works by ananlysing the shape, silhouette and contours of the customer’s body. This then makes finding the right pair of jeans a much less daunting task. Check out the process in the video below.

All I can say is that I am looking forward to Melbourne’s first Bodymetrics Pod. With a drawer full of jeans, and only three pairs that come out on a regular basis, I need to find some more pairs that will be ‘the perfect fit!’

Samantha Youl

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Sam is a content creator for The Media Pad. She was never sure what type of media job she wanted to settle for after studying media and communications at University, but being a bit of a shopaholic and a mobile phone junkie, The Media Pad seemed to be the perfect fit. When she isn’t watching the online retail space she spends far too much time playing netball and investigating her next trip abroad. Follow Sam on Twitter or connect with her through LinkedIn

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