EDITOR’S PICK: Occasional Butler At Your Service

Are you looking for an extra pair of hands to help you get those odd jobs done? Painting the back fence, or baking a cake for a special someone’s birthday? There is an e-commerce venture in town that is keen to offer assistance so you can relax while these jobs get done.

Perfect for a anybody in need of a bit of cash, or anybody with a bit of cash to spend, Occasional Butler is offering people the chance to advertise for odd jobs, and the ‘butlers’ to get some extra work.

The way it works is relatively simple. If you have a job you want completed, advertise it on the Occasional Butler “classifieds” and with any luck, someone will make you an offer and the job will get done.

Post a Job
The steps people must take to post a job on Occasional Butler.

Alternatively, there is the chance to ‘be the butler’. This would be a great money making option for uni students, or anyone keen for a bit of extra cash. Prospective butlers can browse the jobs and then make an offer to the employee as to how much they want to be paid.

Skipping the middle man, this website is giving people the chance to find their own work and do it in their own time.

5 thoughts on “EDITOR’S PICK: Occasional Butler At Your Service

    • Andy
    • 17th August

    Isn’t this just a plain copy of Airtasker?

    • Carter C
    • 22nd August

    There are a lot of new businesses in the collaborative consumption space. Isn’t this an exciting time for everyone!?

  1. Such a good idea – would have loved this site when i was at Uni – random periods of free time – hard to find a job with matching hours. Hope it takes off.

  2. Cool idea! I love the cute little illustrations too.

  3. Great concept … i really think this will be a hit


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