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Webinar: Learn how Deluxe Products achieved a six-figure revenue increase after A/B testing

In this webinar, presented by Power Retail and VWO, we welcome Winston Tu – Managing Director of Deluxe Products, Nathan Stewart, CEO of digital marketing agency, Alkemi and Siddarth Deswal, Senior Marketer at VWO.

The Product page is one of the most crucial steps in the eCommerce conversion funnel. For most visitors, it is the final determining factor in whether they will add a product to their cart or not.

Winston called on Alkemi to run experiments on Deluxe’s product pages. By implementing an A/B Testing tool from VWO, they used conversion best practices to improve the order and flow of product page content.

In this webinar, our presenters will share the results and how:

• Deluxe Products was then able to increase conversion rate by 14%
• Which led to an increase in annual revenue of $313,500!
• eCommerce websites can easily increase their sales by running some simple A/B tests
• to implement the Best practices to increase eCommerce conversion rate, based on exclusive VWO research run on 1000 online shopping consumers.



April 30, 2015
2:30 pm - 3:30 pm