The British Invasion of Search Trends

It seems that the major British-related events of the past 12 months are influencing global online searches–and apparently we have a combination of the Royal Wedding, the Queen’s Jubilee, the London Olympics and, of course, the success of TV series Downtown Abbey, to thank for that.

According to  new data from global sourcing site,, there have been significant increases in searches for goods that tap into the “Best of British” zeitgeist–be it the country’s traditional wedding attire or Downton Abbey-inspired vintage sun dresses and elbow-length gloves.

Alibaba’s statistics show that:

  • Global searches for ‘Queen Elizabeth’ have increased 321% year-on-year, and 60% this quarter.
  • Royal-esqe goods searches have also increased–2,450% year-on-year, and 209% this quarter.
  • Since the royal wedding, there’s been a boom in global searches for men’s traditional wedding suits and accessories–67% increase of morning suits, a huge 427% increase in cravat searches, and a 617% rise in searches for top hats.
  • Women are also part of the trend with a 400% increase in feather hat requests; and 162% spike for fascinators.
  • Celebrating everything ‘old England’, Australia has contributed a 483% increase in searches year-on-year for vintage dresses, third to the US and UK respectively.
  • Searches for feather hats are up by 400%; and even elbow-length gloves are coming back in with a 136% spike.

And clearly there are some savvy brands and online retailers that are taking advantage of this newfound obsession with all things British.

British inspired sneaker by NikeFrom mugs and puzzles, to clothing and fashion accessories, online department store John Lewis is offering up a wide range of royally-influenced products. And Nike also released a British-inspired sneaker, in the colours of the Union Jack.

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