Couch Commerce: Prepare for Tablet Shopping This Christmas

Behold the era of couch commerce. As tablet computer sales surge (and let’s face it, there’s the iPad and daylight to the rest of the pack), the ultimate mobile browsing device becomes the ultimate home shopping device. At this year’s Online Retail Industry Awards, tablets made an entrance for the first time with brandsExclusive winning the newly introduced Best Mobile Commerce category.

In the multi-tasking world of 2012, shopping habits are changing as the point of sale is brought to the consumer in the more relaxed environment of the living room. Josh Himwich, former VP of E-Commerce for Quidsi and now Product Director at Refinery 29, spoke to the audience at Online Retailer in Sydney last week about the era of the new ‘Lean Back Shopper’.

The ‘couch customers’ browsing on their iPads are most active on e-commerce sites between 7pm and midnight, complementing the increasingly droll TV experience with the tablet browsing experience. I do it, you do it – I know you do, and you’re not alone. Tablet shopping is the tip for 2012 – make sure your shopping experience online is optimised for the tablet shopper.

Check out the infographic below if you need any further encouragement.


Couch Commerce: How Tablet Shoppers are Changing Online Sales

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