Google Fiber: A broadband dream?

An ultra-high speed internet and television service, that marries up live channels, Netflix, YouTube, recorded shows and on-demand programming, Google Fiber could be the answer to all of the current broadband woes.

Google claims the network connection speed will be 100 times faster than the average broadband speed, at 1000Mb per second.

If this speed is accurate, it’ll mean no waiting for content to load or buffer, and a drastic competitor to the current lead players within the fierce telco and broadband industry.

Google Fiber features:

–       Upload and download speed of one gigabit

–       Full television channel lineup

–       No data caps

–       Nexus 7 tablet

–       TV, Storage and Network boxes

–       ITB Google Drive

The Android tablet adheres to the modern consumer’s lifestyle habits, allowing viewing capabilities seamlessly in any part of the home.

This development brings together all of Google’s product offerings, including Google TV, and provides another product line for Google to streamline and integrate the use of their services.

At present, the experiment is only available to residents across Kansas City, with plans to extend further. A two-year contract currently retails for $120USD per month (exclusive of taxes and fees).

What is more engaging is the community sharing idea, where “fiberhoods” are encouraged to rally their neighbours to register for the service. Fiber will only be provided to Kansas neighbourhoods that meet the registration requirements.

Google has announced bold industry-wide plans to increase online advertising revenue, aiming to position the online market ahead of television advertising spend. The latest Fiber developments could be a step in the right direction of expanding the reach. Only time and performance will tell.

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