Are You Taking Advantage of the Global Online Retail Revolution?

Online retail seems to be taking over the world. The question is… are you taking advantage of this trend not only locally, but internationally?

As the world of online retail gets smaller, borders are no longer barriers for businesses making a serious play within the retail sector. The Australian market is apparently ripe for the picking with international retailers flocking to our shores to get a piece of the action, whether on or offline.

In our first Power Retail Special Report for 2012, we will explore the world of international expansion and uncover what local retailers need to know in order to move ahead and expand beyond local shores.

You can contribute to this report by taking our short survey, the results will be featured in the report which is due to be published and free to download on Wednesday, 8 February 2012.

One thought on “Are You Taking Advantage of the Global Online Retail Revolution?

  1. Hi Nirosha this is a well timed idea and also an important issue for Australian business. There is also a significant technology issue to consider. Once you start to look internationally you need to consider multiple currencies, languages and tax regions. In the USA there are different sales tax based in each state and it can get extremely complex. In Europe although the EEC has some common VAT requirements there are also unique country issues e.g. the French Eco-tax. Asia is our closest trading partner and if you want to sell successfuly there you need to support the local language characters like Kanji (Japan) and Chinese which means you need UTF8 (Unicode) encoding not supported by many of the most common technology platforms.


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