State of Online Retailing in Australia: New Forrester Report

Forrester has released its latest insightful report into the state of online retail in Australia. Following a survey of 188 Australian online retail professionals, Forrester senior analyst Steven Noble has compiled his findings in the third annual State of Online Retailing in Australia series.

The report finds that mobile has well and truly cemented itself as a key priority for e-commerce professsionals. In 2010 and 2011, the top technology investment priority was the e-commerce platform. In 2012, mobile takes gold as the number one technology investment priority, edging out the e-commerce platform in a sign that the Australian market is maturing with technology fundamentals more established.

Speaking at Online Retailer 2012, Noble revealed that in 2012 55% of the retailers surveyed now sell through a site accessible via mobile, up from 39% in 2011 and only 16% in 2010.

Interestingly, multichannel retailers are leading the charge into mobile investment more so than pureplays. Fifty-four percent of multichannel retailers say mobile sites are a top technology investment, versus only 29% of pureplays claiming the same view. Both retailers and customers can expect to see a great deal more activity in the mobile commerce space in 2012 and beyond, with smarter smartphones coupled with the rise of tablet shopping and better mobile sites enabling a richer mobile customer experience.

The full Forrester report “Online Retailing in Australia 2012: Mobile” is available here.


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