Online Retailing Channel Broadens Through ‘F-Commerce’

A natural progression and broadening is occurring within the online retailing sphere, with 600 million users globally, ‘F-Commerce’ seems to be an unmissable opportunity.

With more than 500 million users worldwide, Facebook presents an opportunity to reach consumers that is too good to miss!

Though social media can certainly throw up some interesting and unforeseen challenges, as mentioned in our article last week ‘Editorial: The Perils of Social Media?‘, this is apparently not a deterrent for many retailers (the likes of Amazon, ASOS, JC Penny and Pampers) who are moving to retailing online through Facebook Commerce (F-Commerce).

The move to this channel of retailing will undoubtedly be taken up by other retailers who want to leverage the power of the channel… only last week Payvment launched the world’s first social shopping mall, with a starting lineup of 50,000 online retailers.

So what is the power of F-Commerce? US-based digital marketing agency, CreativeFeed have put together an info-graphic highlighting the growth and potential success of this channel. It will be interesting to see the uptake, growth and development of f-commerce within the local market.


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