9,617 Check-Ins for Domino’s Foursquare Campaign

In a clever instance of location-based marketing, Domino’s Pizza has partnered with mobile social network Foursquare to use geo-targeted offers to drive traffic to their new e-commerce site. The promotion, which was rolled out at Domino Stores across Britain, resulted in 9,617 check-ins and 3,000 unique visitors to Domino’s outlets.

First launched at Domino’s Pizza in Liverpool, the campaign offered the “Mayor” one free pizza a week. For the uninitiated, Foursquare extends “Mayorships” to users who regularly check-in to certain venues – Mayors are then privvy to special deals or “Mayor Specials” extended by businesses.

Domino's cleverly deploys location-based technology to drive e-commerce traffic.

Domino’s has been struggling to boost its e-commerce sales and is the first major food retailer to collaborate with FourSquare. The campaign was designed to draw awareness of its newly revamped website which was subject to user improvements by London agency Vexed Digital.

“The Domino’s Pizza refresh was driven by a need to update the creative look and feel of the Web site, to improve the user experience and overall to uplift sales,” said Neil Major, Social Media Director at Vexed Digital.

“Features such as remember last order reduce the time taken to complete each order and the pre-order tool enables people to use the site at their convenience.”

Domino’s is one of the first major food  retailers to use location-based mobile apps to drive e-commerce sales. 


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