David Jones Gains Ground in Social Media

There hasn’t been very much good news for David Jones, with its first online retail venture proving a failure last year, alongside dismal revenue figures over the same period. The company has also been both praised and criticised for it’s partnership with IBM, which was part of the upmarket retailer’s e-commerce spend of $160 million dollars.

David Jones’ recent investment, announced in February, was made in the hope of helping the department store compete in the online space. Now, there’s finally a sign this may be happening, according to the latest ranking of Australian companies’ presence on the social media site Facebook.

The retailer gained 21,077 Facebook fans in March to reach an average level of 125,704, according to The Online Circle‘s March Facebook performance report.

This 19 percent increase is attributed to a number of Facebook-friendly promotions that David Jones has been recently running.

Lucio Ribeiro, Digital Strategist at The Online Circle believes David Jones is being rewarded for making the right moves.

“Substantial growth was generated by David Jones which is putting substantial effort into their social presence and marketing, including Facebook promotions such as The Bridal Promotion and the Ultimate Easter Package,” Ribeiro said.

The same report from The Online Circle reveals the leaders of Australian businesses in terms of their Facebook presence.

  1. CatchOfTheDay – 222,386 fans, an increase of 29,206 in March
  2. Target Australia – 183,253 fans, an increase of 4212 in March
  3. DealsDirect – 152,288 fans, an increase of 435 fans in March

Compared with Myer, which saw an overall Facebook fan growth of 4.9 percent, David Jones’ 18.7 percent is a good indicator that it is getting up to speed. Unfortunately, as businesses continue to find it extremely hard to calculate ROI in social media, it is too early to speculate how much of an improvement in conversions that this social media presence will incur.

How is your business performing on Facebook and have you discovered a way to accurately track conversions generated by social media presence?

One thought on “David Jones Gains Ground in Social Media

    • MissC
    • 3rd May

    I think many people will be keen to see if that’s $160 million well spent when their new online store launches on July 30…


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