Google’s New Search Tool is a Plus for Online Retailers

A recent addition by Google Inc. combines search results with data from the Internet giant’s fledgling social media network, Google+.  There has already been a large amount of discussion over whether or not Google is being either fair or legal, as the feature does not include data from other social networks.

Regardless, the change should cause retailers to start giving the new network more attention according to Jackie Jenkins, Global Manager of Search Services at ChannelAdvisor Corp.

Google has dubbed the new tool, ‘Search, plus your World’. Enabling signed in users to click at the top of the search results page that then retrieves added data from Google+. The feature can be used to find people, relevant posts and also photos posted by Google+ connections.

This makes the tool a great way for consumers to find links to product sites that their connections have previously used, purchased and recommended using the +1 button. It combines with a host of other unique features Google has been fostering for the social platform.

“This is not an opportunity to be missed,” Jenkins writes in his blog. “Whether or not there are legal ramifications for Google, it is still the most commonly used search engine.”

Getting started on Google+:


  • Sign up for your Google+ page and set it up for visitors with content, especially pictures.
  • Be sure to set up Direct Connect, which allows others to type in +‘yournamehere’ and link directly to your Google+ page.
  • Expand your circles. Be aware that you can’t add anyone to your circle until they’ve added you to theirs or they have mentioned you. Add the Google+ badge to your website and encourage visitors to add you.
  • Add the ability to ‘+1’ your products immediately, if you haven’t done so already. This will increase the search profile of your products in the new system.
  • Add social extensions to your search ads to share the ‘+1’ from your Google+ Brand Page and your AdWord ads.
  • Consider adding ‘+1’ to any display ads you’re doing, so your brand and products can be recommended.

And just in case you’ve been curious as to who’s already using Google+, Flowtown recently created this helpful infographic:

Google+ Infographic

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