Google To Tackle Ad Viewability Issues

The move was announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week, by Neal Mohan, VP of Video and Digital Advertising. The reports, available to users of Google’s DoubleClick ad platform, will let brands know whether or not their video ads were watched, as opposed to appearing off-screen and being ignored, or being swiped past, and whether their ads’ viewability rates measures up to the industry standard set by the Media Rating Council (at least half the video on screen for at least two seconds).

The new report feature is a welcome hand for advertisers that can’t be blamed for feeling a little slighted by Google in recent months. Only last month a Google-run study found over half of ad impressions were never seen by the end user, which was swiftly followed by the news that Google was trialling a means for end users to skip advertising material altogether.

“Our goal is to help marketers succeed in today’s world of media abundance by connecting them with consumers at the right time in the right place and enabling them to measure what truly matters,” Mohan wrote via a blog post.

“Viewability, though, is just the starting point, not an end in and of itself. With the confidence that their ads can be seen by a real person, marketers can then go on to strive for – and measure – what really matters, impact and engagement.”

Future plans for Google’s ads division include similar reporting features for track the audibility of video content and the total time of ad viewability, as well as letting its marketers specifically target viewable impressions in DoubleClick and video impressions across the Google Display Network.

YouTube will also be an important cornerstone, with plans to introduce the reporting service to reserved inventory across the video content provider’s desktop and app services, which Mohan pointed out that more video content is uploaded to YouTube in any single day than all three major US television networks have created in the past five years. The reports for YouTube ads will track how long an ad was viewed for, whether the ad was muted or not, or whether the ad was played in the background.

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