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INFOGRAPHIC: Mobile Marketing Trends in 2012

INFOGRAPHIC: Mobile Marketing Trends in 2012

Globally, online businesses are scrambling to develop, implement and integrate some form of mobile strategy – and there’s plenty of variability across the board.

Recently, Forrester‘s State of Retailing Online report highlighted the ongoing growth and importance of mobile devices both as a marketing channel and a profitable sales channel. Now, Responsys has partnered with Econsultancy to produce its first Cross-Channel Marketing Report in order to provide a snapshot of mobile marketing trends.

The report provides insight into the various channels that companies are integrating into their overall marketing activity, the barriers that are preventing companies from driving effective cross-channel campaigns and the online advertising trends that will impact the future of display.

However, because reading through the whole report isn’t for everyone, Responsys has produced the following infographic, which captures the salient mobile marketing information.


Infographic: Mobile Marketing Trends 2012 by Responsys.

Infographic: Mobile Marketing Trends 2012 by Responsys.

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Campbell currently serves as Editor for Power Retail. He has a background in science communication and a long history in retail. Campbell has a keen interest in emerging technologies and their impact in the world of media and online retail. Campbell is an indoor sports junkie, to the point of playing in a local dodgeball competition once a week, “just for kicks”. Follow Campbell on Twitter, Google+ or connect with him on LinkedIn.


  • Nice find Campbell, Infographics do make life a lot easier than going through long drawn out reports and trying to collate the facts from within.

    • Hi Joan and thanks for the comment.

      Infographics certainly take the hard yards out of digesting information – but the real talent lies in creating them. Check out Power Retail’s latest effort: ‘Amazon’s E-Commerce Dominance by Numbers’.

  • Excellent information. I was a little confused with 17% of brands using location based marketing to attract customer attention and 80% of marketers targeting mobile advertising display based on location. Is that a contradiction?

    • Hello Luigi,

      I would suggest that this may be due in part to the difference in ‘encouraging customer interaction’ as a brand and simply employing location-based marketing for any reason as a marketer.

      Not all brands would target every channel that marketers offer. I would also point out that the brands-based statistic is likely to be the result of a priority-based question, whereby the brand lists its most to least utilised mobile marketing channel sequentially.

    • Arjun K M
    • 27th September

    Great post Campbell. Now a days, mobile trends are growing enormously. Consumers prefer to check online anywhere. However the business should have good website inorder to attract the consumers. There is a video by Infosys BrandEdge about digital marketing. They’ve simplified the digital marketing to a great extent.


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