Lorna Jane Launches Facebook App ‘You Look Fit’

The new promotional Facebook application from Lorna Jane affords Facebook users the ability to tag their friends’ photos with up to three glowing compliments per picture.

The app, You Look Fit, offers users the chance to win $2,500 in cash and a Lorna Jane wardrobe worth $2,000. Photos tagged will then be considered for repurposing on a moving billboard, which will be roaming Australia’s major cities next month. Together, the app and the billboard form Lorna Jane’s March/April ‘Brave New Active World’ campaign.

LJ fashion - Brave New Active World
The You Look Fit app forms the first part of Lorna Jane’s ‘Brave New Active World’ campaign.
You Look Fit compliments
An example of some of the possible compliments in the You Look Fit Facebook application.

The mission for this promotion is to encourage women to inspire and encourage each other, with the app acting as a platform for the interaction. The interface is simple to use – all you have to do is select your friend of choice, decide which of their pictures you like best, and then tag it with up to three predetermined compliments from a much longer set list.

Compliments include “Work it!” and “If you’ve got it, flaunt it!” whereas more clothing item specific remarks, such as “Need!” or “Want it!” start to push the app into the realms of social product marketing.

Users can compliment up to 20 friends to increase their chance of winning.

This application, coupled with the upcoming billboard promotion, is an excellent example of not only Facebook’s new timeline apps, but also of how a marketing campaign can be used to blend the boundaries between the on and offline environments.

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  1. FYI The campaign was developed by digital agency Pusher
    *end shameless plug


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