Multichannel Challenges: Do You Know Where Your Customers are Engaging with Your Brand?

We are now in the era where the customer owns more of their buyer journey than ever before.

Customer data is captured across every available resource, including digital marketing channels, CRM systems, POS systems, third-party resources, social media, call centre systems etc. It is the ability of the retailer to effectively and seamlessly capture, aggregate and mine that data that can dramatically inform both their marketing and business strategy.

Consumers now also expect a consistent experience no matter where or when they enter the process of finding services or buying products, so taking a customer-centric approach is a necessary transition for retailers.

According to Experian, modern consumers no longer traverse marketing channels; they are simply engaged in the age-old, everyday practice of shopping, or searching for products and information about something of interest to them. What this often means for consumers that when they are moving between a brand’s different channels, they often experience uncoordinated and inconsistent messaging, offers, pricing and personalisation. What this means for the marketer, it can be difficult to have a single customer view and provide a superior customer experience – which results in sales.

David Jones recognised that to remain competitive, it needed to transform its business model and engage customers throughout multiple channels, offering new services and delivering a consistent experience across channels. This called for a complete new transformation of their shopping platforms and the technology underpinning this. IBM helped David Jones re-create and integrate new online shopping channels, added new services and systems and ultimately ensured that they delivered a seamless customer experience.

Click here to watch the video case study, ‘Adding clicks to bricks’.

With consumers’ expectations rising, there is a greater need for marketers to use and understand the real-time data and to leverage this by offering personalised experiences across multiple channels. Achieving this will ensure that you can drive sales and improve service for your customers and leapfrog your competitors.

One thought on “Multichannel Challenges: Do You Know Where Your Customers are Engaging with Your Brand?

  1. Multichannel integrations are essential for the modern day retailer. Having inventory update from one channel to another helps your company stay synchronized, cuts down on manual data entry, and provides a better overall customer experience. Retailers that are not investing in multichannel integrations now will be left behind in the years to come.


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