How to Create a Positive Online Shopping Experience

It’s worth noting that if you’re online-focused, it can be that much more challenging to engage with consumers on a personal level as compared to those retailers who thrive on face-to-face communication and creating an atmosphere that occurs in a shop, but it’s not impossible, by far.

Discounts and price-matching will give you short term sales, but for long term success, you need loyal and satisfied customers that return to your webstore for that experience time and again.

Whilst it takes a bit of work to build up a loyal customer base, it’s well worth it and the rewards are there, especially when it comes to repeat customers, and increasing brand awareness. Below are some simple yet effective ways that my team and I have learnt along the way, on how to create a positive online shopping experience.

Customer Engagement

We also make it our prerogative to reply to each and every email or message we receive. Again, this takes time and effort, but it’s necessary to listen to your customers and engage in a two-way conversation. We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for our loyal customers, so ensuring all their enquiries regarding sizing, fabrics, orders, re-stocking, events and prices are all replied to, means there is nobody left disheartened, left in the dark or confused. Most of all, it means they will remember this great quality of service and most likely return and shop with us again.

Packaging and Branding is Everything

Well thought and considered packaging can leave a lasting impression in your consumers’ minds, even if it is sub-consciously. At Beginning Boutique, we carefully pack customers’ orders in an exclusive drawstring tote bag, complete with a handwritten postcard wishing them a happy day and thanking them for shopping with us. We then package the tote bag in a silver holographic foil.

Shopping online can be a tedious task for consumers, not being able to see the product in person, handing over their credit card details and not receiving the order for another 24 hours plus. Remember, if you’re an online store, your parcel delivery is usually the only physical presence of your business, and adding that special touch in the delivery is your prime (and only) opportunity you have to make a lasting and positive impression on your customer, in the physical sense.

beginning boutique magic touch

Happy Employees Means Happy Customers

I believe that creating a positive and cohesive environment at work can without a doubt lead to the overall success of your business. Remember, your customer care and social media staff are the main points of personal contact your consumers will have with your brand, so it’s important they have a positive mindset when they are attending to customer queries. Showing enthusiasm and treating each customer with respect and showing you care will often result in a positive shopping experience for your customers, which is especially important if the customer has in fact encountered a problem with their order.

A lot of this can be affected by the work environment and the support your employees receive from managers and peers. Always be mindful that your staff are the face of your brand, and if they sometimes aren’t as passionate about the brand as they could be, this negativity may reflect onto your customers. Keeping morale high, celebrating wins (even the little ones), eating birthday cake and facilitating team building activities can help your team feel motivated and can create a positive team spirit and help them work more passionately towards your business goals.


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