Twitter Targets Ads Based on User Tweet Analysis

As a leading social network, Twitter‘s evolution has occurred rapidly, and while its roots began in a non-monetised, advertising-free platform, it is now ramping up its efforts to leverage its members for profit.

As the most recent update to its strategic plan, Twitter plans to analyse the data provided in millions of tweets each day and provide it to advertisers. Clever marketers will then be able to harness this information in order to accurately target advertising to individual users.

Twitter intends to curate a list of around 350 topics, which it will use to segment individuals using the network based on the content of their tweets. In essence, this means Twitter can produce an accurate list of digital photography enthusiasts, for example, and provide it to camera retailers.

As a further incentive for advertisers, Twitter has also reduced the minimum price of its ‘promoted tweets’ from 50 cents to just one cent.

These initiatives are sure to make Twitter appear as an increasingly attractive option for marketers who are always looking to further leverage social media audiences. If Twitter can get its formula right, without losing the interest of its users, than there are bound to be large gains for both the platform and participating advertisers.

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