Coles Rolls Out Mastercard PayPass Wallet

The new payment option will be used at checkouts in all Coles stores across Australia.

A Tap&Go option is available for purchases under $100, where consumers can tap their Mastercard PayPass enabled debit or credit card against the contactless terminal without using a PIN or signature.

Coles General Manager of Strategy and Financial Services, Richard Wormald says the new payment option aims to offer consumers a seamless and convenient mode of shopping.

“The introduction of contactless payment across all Coles stores nationwide, is an innovation in secure payment technology that will provide our customers with access to faster payments at the check-out. It is about providing ways to make payments easier, faster, and more secure every time they visit our stores,” he says.

Coles is part of a nation-wide PayPass launch with Mastercard, where 100,000 terminals are being used by retailers, including 7-Eleven. Woolworths, IGA and Foodworks have teamed up with Visa to implement its contactless payment technology, Paywave.

Power Retail has watched closely the m-commerce and Near Field Communication (NFC) trends, and how Australian businesses have been slow to get involved. A Juniper Research report found that global mobile contactless payments could hit $50 billion by 2014. The latest PayPass initiative is an indicator that m-commerce is gearing up in the southern hemisphere continent.

3 thoughts on “Coles Rolls Out Mastercard PayPass Wallet

    • Ben
    • 23rd August

    Hi Jessica – do you know if this the same as the one IGA have had in place since 2009 (using credit / debit enabled PayPAss cards) or is it via NFC-enabled mobile phones?

  1. Hi Ben,
    IGA has partnered with Visa on the Paywave system. I’ve now added a paragraph about this. Coles is the first supermarket to team up with Mastercard.

    • Kevin
    • 29th August

    Hi Jessica. The majority of mobile devices in the market are not NFC enabled, making payment by PayPass (via mobile) impossible for most of the nation.

    Mastercard have stated they will make PayPass Wallet Services available to partners in the third quarter of 2012, initially in the U.S., Canada, U.K. and Australia. Has this technology been released yet?


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