Australia Post Launches New Commerce Hub

The joint venture between Australia Post and AlphaPaymentsCloud, called AlphaCommerceHub, will combine services essential for creating e-commerce businesses – such as payment processing, identity, fraud detection and shipping – into one location.

“Businesses will no longer need to invest in multiple platforms, integrations and expensive ongoing investment to stay current,” according to Australia Post’s executive general manager of trusted e-commerce services and group chief digital officer, Andrew Walduck.

“AlphaCommerceHub offers contemporary point of sale and online checkout options. It reduces the cost of doing business, whilst enabling Australian businesses to focus on driving the improved customer experiences that will help them grow.”

Australia Post says it will be working with its banking partners to offer AlphaCommerceHub as a solution to help deliver better, more streamlined customer experiences.

AlphaCommerceHub provides a single application programming interface and consolidated user interface to connect merchants to the full range of commerce services, including payments, identity verification, fraud detection, risk management, loyalty programs, delivery preferences and shipping.

Australia Post Launches New Commerce Hub AlphaCommerceHub
AlphaCommerceHub will connect retailers to the myriad services required to establish an online business

“It’s an absolute game changer in Australia’s fintech evolution so we’re incredibly excited about the potential this joint venture brings to both our banking partners and our customers,” says Walduck.

AlphaCommerceHub orchestration engine provides a seamless way to customise commerce services and streamline payments card industry compliance, to help drive productivity, create operational efficiency, and provide choice and control in delivering digital commerce strategies, according to Oliver Rajic, CEO, of AlphaPaymentsCloud.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Australia Post to realize our shared vision to become Australia’s vendor solution switch,” says Rajic.

“Everyone’s talking about fintech but Australia Post is truly embracing this transformation. It’s amazing to consider the potential for our joint solution to create the infrastructure underpinning Australia’s fintech future.”


2 thoughts on “Australia Post Launches New Commerce Hub

    • Charlie Ong
    • 16th August

    It will be great if only Australia Post can do better in delivery parcels and stop missing beats.

  1. So it is an attempt to build all in one monster solution – shopping cart, payment, inventory management etc?

    If executed well it may be interesting for small businesses just starting online.

    However it isn’t that easy to build it right, find a balance between capabilities, flexibility and ease of use.


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