Channel 9 is Nine West’s New Online Video Channel

This week, iconic and internationally known shoe brand, Nine West, launched a new addition to its online offering. The new site, Channel 9, is Nine West’s video channel.

Over the next few months, Channel 9 will be posting 10 hours of video content to entertain and educate viewers.

Channel 9
Nine West’s new video channel, Channel 9

Nine West is a division of the Jones Group and Richard Dickson, President and Chief Executive of the Jones Group believes this will be a great asset to customer relationships.

“We want to rewrite the rules of fashion marketing so it’s not just about the shoe, it’s about the conversation. We want Nine West to be the place you want to shop because you love shoes, not a place to shop when you need shoes,” says Dickson.

A recent Google survey found that people between 18 and 34 years of age were twice as likely to make a purchase decision after viewing online videos including YouTube for advice. By the use of Channel 9, Nine West is aiming to encourage those purchases.

Channel 9 will feature videos that give lessons about the fashion industry, tips on choosing the right shoe and introducing self confessed shoe addicts.

This comes in the same week that Australian brand Bonds launched its latest video campaign.

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