Meet Cristina Re. What Will the Brand Focus on in 2017?

Founded in 1999, Cristina Re has a strong online presence with a global fan base from lovers of high tea to artists, stylists, mums and daughters, to aspiring interior decorators.

The company’s Roman born founder, Cristina Re, combined her artistic and design skills in 1999, to create the Cristina Re brand that now boasts over 500 beautifully designed lifestyle products, which are sold online and in over 1,000 stores around Australia and the world. The company continues to expand, with store openings in China, new products, website exclusives and high calibre collaborations, to name a few.

Cristina’s is strong on her philosophy of “promoting wellbeing and happiness by indulging in the things that make you feel good,” which is reflected in her product range. Cristina is consistent in ensuring that all the company’s brand material, including its online retail store, EDMs and social marketing, is visually appealing and coherent with her unique style (including her signature pink colour), which showcases merchandise through an emphasis on beautiful imagery.

cristina re 2017 e-commerce insights strategy high tea
Source: Cristina Re Instagram

“It’s the little things, the finishing touches, that turn ordinary into extraordinary,” says Cristina.

cristina re 2017 e-commerce insights strategy high tea

One of Cristina Re’s core business strategies is to create the ultimate customer experience, whether that may be through indulging in high tea with the company’s tasteful teaware, or when shopping online to purchase its products.

The brand hopes to continue to inspire and delight consumers through a greater focus on its e-commerce strategies in 2017. This includes offering add-ons such as premium gifting services, as well as unique personalisation services to continue to build brand loyalty.

Furthermore, together with donations e-commerce platform i=Change, Cristina Re is proud to continue to give back when consumers buy online, by donating $1 from each online each purchase to supporting women and children’s charity projects worldwide.

As technology changes and the focus on online shopping continues to boom, Cristina Re identifies many new trends that will arise in 2017. Here they are listed below:


“Shoppers are now able to access unique content and product recommendations based on their preferences, market trends, geographic locations, past purchases, brand interactions, and so on. To help people discover and explore products, customers will be able to ‘shop the look’ on their mobile devices by viewing brands and curated inspirational images directly through Google.”


“It will become even easier for customers to shop and pay directly on their phones, and some companies such as Mastercard will offer identification services using image biometrics known as ‘self-pay” to verify the customer’s personal details.

Artificial Intelligence

Consumers will interact more with artificial intelligence to answer their enquiries, which means they will be talking to robots or chatbots, which are fully automated chat agents.

Predictive Analysis

Companies will increasingly be able to predict the customer’s next purchase using predictive analysis technology, which will continue to provide new information to help build a customer’s shopping experience in 2017.

Advanced Delivery

On a final note, businesses are working on ways to deliver goods even faster by creating agreements with providers such as Uber, which means ‘same day delivery’ guarantees to make the e-commerce experience even more enticing and exciting.”


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