Smooth Parcel Delivery in Peak Season Trading

There’s no better time to delight your customers than at Christmas. Christmas is a time of giving, joy, spending it with your loved ones, holidays and BBQs. It can also be very stressful and the anxiety associated with parcels arriving on time can be at its highest over the busy holiday season.

At Toll we aim to ensure that our customers’ Christmas deliveries run as smoothly as possible. Below are some logistics and parcel delivery tips that you can implement in your business over the busy season to help ensure that your consumer’s experience and their interaction with your brand is as optimal as possible, and remains consistent with the rest of the year.

  1. Don’t dilute your user experience and ensure that you cater to your customers’ needs accordingly during this time. Remember that all carriers, transport and logistics providers use the same infrastructure. There is more freight, but the same amount of trucks and planes. It is fact that whilst volume will increase, capacity will remain the same.
  2. Seasonality drives significant daily volume fluctuations so aim to utilise all delivery options available to you. Whatever you do, don’t change your main carrier during this time; it’s advisable to create a panel of carriers instead. Select them based on the jobs they are best suited for.
  3. The law of averages don’t apply over Christmas deliveries in terms of volume and time. Using the previous ten months capability and capacity as an example of what will happen to drive your expectations won’t work. Also, don’t assume that what happened last year will happen again this year.
  4. Be prepared to do things that you haven’t done before and be prepared to spend more money to ensure you maintain that optimum customer experience that your customers are used to getting with your company. If you need to upgrade your service to another level, it’s worthwhile looking into.
  5. Measure, refine, measure again. Keep your finger on the pulse of what’s going on in your business. Social and active customer listening will be key during the Christmas period as most people will reach out via those channels to slam your performance. Ensure that all queries are escalated and managed promptly to the best of your ability.
  6. Build some fat into your transition time of parcel delivery, from warehouse to customer. Your consumers would appreciate certainty over false expectations and they will be delighted when the parcel turns up on time or even earlier to what they expected.
  7. Ensure that there is a continuous conversation with your account manager and take the time to connect with them on regular basis. Keep your capabilities set right.

With all this in mind, I would like to take the opportunity to wish all you online retailers out there a successful and hassle free Christmas trading season. Happy merry trading!


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