The Email Reigns Supreme for Digital Marketing

Email marketing provider ExactTarget has announced a recent study, which revealed the majority of consumers still check their emails as one of their first digital activities for the day. The Digital Down Under report collated data volunteered by over 1400 Australians aged 18 and older.

The report also shows that second a third digital priorities fall a long way behind checking emails, with only 17 percent of consumers saying they check Facebook first, while 6 percent will look up news websites instead.

“Email is simply the first priority as consumers start their digital day and goes to show that despite the ‘social revolution’, email is still strong,” ExactTarget Managing Director, Lee Hawksley told ARN.

The other notable trend is the shift in email usage throughout the day. Understandably, email usage was seen to decrease from 71 percent to 47 percent in the evenings, when business priorities are replaced with other activities.

“While there is an increase in evening online social activity, the steadily high incidence of checking email into the evening demonstrates its prominence in the lives of Australian consumers,” said Hawksley.

Interestingly, the majority of consumers still access the first online content of the day via computers (74%) rather than a mobile device (14%). This is one area in particular where we can expect to see future change.


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