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Infographic: A Snapshot of Australian Retail

Experian's retail in Australian infographic

A recent report from Experian reveals the true state of retail across Australia, and they’ve even provided an infographic that covers all salient statistics.

We’ve mentioned it in the past. Perhaps it can’t be articulated in words clearly enough, but some Australian retailers seem to be ignoring the online space.

Whether this is wilful negligence or merely an oversight is unlikely. Rather, research seems to indicate that blame can be most firmly squared on either a lack of information resources or technological resources. Of course, the problem with that is as the retail sector continues to wobble, these businesses are unlikely to find resources easing without a digital channel.

Statistics from Experian‘s report, Retail in Australia: Embracing the Digital Future, have already been detailed on this site previously. However, for those that prefer to ingest their information in a more digital form, the market research firm has created the following infographic:

 Experian's infographic on retail in Australia




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