Fashion GPS Australian Launch

Fashion GPS

Digital company Fashion GPS has made its way to Australia and is ready to launch.

The Australian fashion community can now be organised digitally, just like others brands and business across the globe. Fashion GPS is the digital company that creates mobile and web-based solutions to power global fashion weeks and events in the fashion world.

The Fashion GPS system combines sample management, event management, editorial reporting and trend based reports. Clients who use this technology can see real-time inventory, generate up to the minute press analysis reports and send virtual look books.

“Fashion GPS is radically reshaping the face of the global creative industry and it’s great to see that businesses in Australia are now able to be using the same systems as the other fashion capitals,” says Matthew Pollock, Director of Fashion GPS Australia.

Fashion GPS was developed by its CEO Edwin Mullon from an idea which saw numerous Victoria’s Secret samples disappear from a New York showroom in 2006. The technology was originally created for the sole purpose of inventory management, but soon grew to hold other skills in its repertoire. The system facilitates improved designer, magazine and stylist communication.

“We are really excited about the potential of both Fashion GPS and GPS events down under,” says  Pollock. “The digital software is not just relevant in the style arena – the business facilitates better communication for all the creative industries.”

The product is set to launch in Australia this month.

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