Want to Boost Your Email Open Rate?

However, email open rates shouldn’t be the only indicator of success. It is more important for marketers to ensure that they widen the funnel at the top in order to secure high click-through rates and more meaningful engagement.

As customers find their inboxes swamped by emails, marketers must think more strategically to avoid having their emails ending up in the trash or treated as spam.

Here are three key tips to help boost email open rates.

  1. Build rapport with your customers

The first (and basic) step to boost your emails open rate is by ensuring that your customers are familiar with your brand name and who you are. This also means that it’s important to make your ‘from’ name clear and distinguishable, as to avoid being missed in the inbox. As customers start perceiving your brand as one that has a respectable online presence, they will continue to look forward to your email content.

At the same time, it is also imperative to identify any disengaged customers and to remove them from your list. While there will definitely be an urge to send more emails in an effort to revive their interest in the brand, repeat emails to disengaged users will only damage your brand and deliverability reputation.

  1. Send and deliver tactically

Finding the optimum time to reach your customers is incredibly important when it comes to email marketing. Different industries and individual brands will have customers with different email reading habits.

Identifying the prime times that your customers engage with email can make all the difference. Being able to determine their preferences will ensure that the messages that you send out are relevant and being received in a timely manner.

Consider using automation tools that automate email sends to be delivered at the most likely time that they’ll be opened by each individual. dotmailer’s Send Time Optimization tool helps marketers as it automatically remembers when contacts open their emails and sends future messages at the times they’re most likely to be read.

  1. Hook them in with a killer subject line

The subject line is a key consideration and deservers a lot of thought, since you want to make maximum impact with a limited text count. There is a delicate balance with the use of numbers and punctuation in order to catch the reader’s attention; too plain and it could be ignored, too much and it could stray into SPAM territory.

Always ensure that your subject line is front loaded with your strongest offer in order to capture the reader’s attention. Even if the email is sent from a reputable source, the subject line plays a large role in attracting interest.

It’s crucial to understand how your brand is being perceived by your customers. Humour, wordplay, and emojis can all help you stand out from the crowd – but it’s important to present your emails in a way that aligns with your brand image. Keep track of the subject lines that give you the most success; use this data to maximise your email exposure.

Finally, always make sure to keep testing and trying out new things! Every customer is different and what works now may not work six months down the track. So pay close attention to how customers are engaging to your strategies in order to hone your tactics and delivery accordingly.

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