L.L. Bean Returns to Free Shipping Model

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L.L. Bean shifts internal expense to return to free shipping model

US retailer L.L. Bean announced this week that it will offer customers free shipping as a standard part of its offering to customers.

Returning to its traditional roots, the company CEO, Chris McCormick released a video on the company’s website announcing the change.

Speaking to the New York Times, Steve Fuller, Chief Marketing Officer for L.L. Bean said: “Our customers told us repeatedly, ‘We would like to not have to pay for shipping’.”

He said that people found it easier to back out of sales when ordering online compared to ordering over the phone, “One key difference is that on the Internet shipping is a lot more visible.”

In terms of business strategy he mentioned that ‘the company was calculating that the free shipping would increase business’, and this ‘combined with a shifting of some internal expenses as well as other factors that he declined to elaborate on, will make the change a smart one’.

Free shipping will be applied automatically to all qualifying orders in the US and Canada – with no minimum purchase, coupons or promotion codes. However, for express and ‘oversized items’ the company will still charge a fee: “Customers shouldn’t expect to have their canoes shipped free, there will be some freight charges there,” advised Fuller.

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