New ‘State of Omnichannel Retail’ Survey Launches

Digital data and performance consultancy, DataSauce is launching its inaugural industry survey, specifically aimed at discovering the state of play for omnichannel retail strategy around the country.

Omnichannel retail strategy has become a significant figure in an industry already laden with buzzwords. Replacing previous concepts regarding multichannel strategy, omnichannel is defined by the use of information technology to create a seamless shopping experience across multiple online and ‘traditional’ shopping methods.

As such, proponents of this concept include some of Australia’s largest retail brands, including Myer and David Jones. However, while these businesses may be striving to create an omnichannel offering, the jury is still out on whether this has been achieved or not.

“Ultimately, our new survey is seeking to discover if Australian businesses are taking omnichannel seriously, as well as how far along the process they are.” says DataSauce Co-Founder, Tzvi Balbin. “In an increasingly fragmented technology landscape, it becomes more and more important for retailers to known exactly how their offering stands up alongside their peers. Our aim is to help Australian retailers benchmark their Omni Channel efforts”

The survey is accessible as of today and is expected to be open for the coming weeks. DataSauce is offering all respondents a copy of the resulting report into Australia’s omnichannel retail landscape, as well as the chance to receive several unique giveaways, including 30 percent off a six month trial of Vero‘s marketing automation software, a 60 day free trial of MOZ SEO software or a $100 dollar coupon for AdRoll.

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