New Report: Customers Shop Retail Rivals While In-store

It’s every retailer’s worst fear – a customer visits your store to buy a new flat-screen TV, consults their smartphone or tablet for a little pre-purchase price comparison to find a cheaper alternative at a nearby competitor. Though pre-purchase research has been a longtime part of the shopping process, the rise of mobile devices such as smartphone and tablets have made it easier than ever to lose customers to a better deal, even after you’ve lured them in-store. A recent survey by mobile commerce technology firm Prosper Mobile Insights has found that 40.6% of customers have taken advantage of another offer after conducting a price comparison in-store. More disturbingly, a smaller percentage of consumers (30.6%) bought a product from the retailer in question after comparing prices in-store.

“The data reveals that many mobile users are taking advantage of their smartphones and tablets while shopping, and some of them are walking out the door to make a purchase at another retailer,” a spokesperson for Prosper Mobile Insights told Internet Retailer.

The research also found that customers use their smartphone for other in-store activities with a 35.8% reading product reviews, 29.7 % scanning QR codes and 26.7% using FourSquare and other location-based apps to access deals and discounts.

2 thoughts on “New Report: Customers Shop Retail Rivals While In-store

    • Kelly
    • 18th January

    Is the research US or AU based and when was the research conducted? Very interesting insights.

  1. Showrooming will grow in size and become real threat. Electronics stores are first to be threatened.


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