QR Codes Key To Macy’s Multichannel Success

Macy’s ability to create addictive in-store experiences is a major factor in its multichannel success. The retailer has just expanded its popular Backstage Pass campaign, which sees customers scan QR Codes to access celebrity fashion videos on their mobile device. The campaign sparked thousands of interactions when it was launched earlier this year, with shoppers embracing QR technology to access fashion tips and insights. In the campaigns newest incarnation, Macy’s has added videos from designers such as Kenneth Cole and Tommy Hilfiger and stylist Rachel Roy as well as Sean Combs, Jessica Simpson and Martha Stewart. Content mostly revolves around Macy’s Home, Men’s, Cosmetics and Young Contemporary departments.

“We feel we are an authority in terms of fashion and the designers are people [customers] look up to,” said a Macy’s spokesperson. “They want help navigating seasonal trends and we can’t take all of our celebrity designers to all of our stores, so we thought, ‘Let’s create informative how-to videos with trends and what’s in store for the season and deliver those videos via the QR technology.’ ”

A new report showing that 14 million US customers used QR technology in June alone has put an end to skepticism around the power of QR codes in creating innovative mobile marketing campaigns. The technology’s instantaneous appeal and its ability to integrate channels will see it take a permanent place in the multichannel retailer’s toolkit. However, relevance is key when it comes to QR technology, and the retailers that are set to benefit are those that clearly define their objectives.

One thought on “QR Codes Key To Macy’s Multichannel Success

  1. No doubt that Macy’s made QR popular with their in-store experience and now we see Tesco using QR codes for their virtual store in South Korea. We are sure there will be increased usage of QR codes in retail.


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