Retailers Can Turn Their Facebook Pages into Online Stores


SocialShop 2 looks set to make the transition to f-commerce seamless for retailers.

Another f-commerce solution has entered the market in an attempt to help retailers turn their Facebook pages into online stores.

BigCommerce is today releasing Social Shop 2, which will allow Facebook fans to browse products, fill their cart, purchase, manage orders, redeem gift certificates, write product reviews and more.

“Five years ago you simply setup a website, ran some Google ads and hoped you’d do well. Today it’s all about using an e-commerce platform that lets you sell everywhere. You need your own online store, but it has to be complimented by a presence on Facebook, as well as a mobile-optimized store,” says BigCommerce co-founder Eddie Machaalani

With the release of their new application, BigCommerce joins other e-commerce companies helping retailers make the tricky transition to Facebook stores. BigCommerce claims it is the only e-commerce platform that offers full end-to-end multi-channel retailing via your own BigCommerce-powered online store, Facebook and mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad

“E-Commerce is no longer just about setting up an online store and having the ‘if you build it they will come’ mentality,”  said Mitchell Harper, co-founder of BigCommerce. “With SocialShop 2 we’re helping online retailers get their products in front of millions of potential customers, no matter where they happen to be online.”

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