Sephora, the MakeUp Site That Had a Makeover

As technology improves and online retail continues to grow, retailers are going to have to persevere by adding endless upgrades to their store, online or off, to keep their customers happy and impressed. What kind of changes can a business make to continue to make retail therapy enjoyable for the customer?

Sephora is a multichannel beauty store that has (as of Monday) made changes and upgraded its digital presence to make an impression on customers, whether they are in-store, online or mobile customers. Julie Bornstein, Senior Vice President at Sephora Direct believes digital is a necessity to retail. “Digital is a must for the future of retailing. With the social, digital, mobile and website updates, we’re giving our clients the most customisable experience in the beauty industry, and connecting clients with our experts in the ways that are most relevant to them.”

New and improved Sephora

The new and improved site includes better access to social tools, including the Pinterest revolution. Sephora has integrated the ‘Pin It’ button on all product pages and has created its own pinning boards to give customers information about the latest makeup trends, colours and ideas. Customers have also been given a chance to win via Pinterest, with a pinning board colour competition. The makeup shop can also be found on the ever growing, and recently sold, Instagram photo sharing application. Here, photos are shared from the behind the scenes angle, giving customers insight into the company and latest trends.

Sephora Pinterest Promotion

The shop has also made an effort in impressing its mobile customers, as 20% of all Sephora traffic comes from mobile devices. There is a new mobile site available, as well as a custom Sephora app for iPhone and iPad. The iPad app also includes a ‘virtual mirror’ which uses the iPad camera and giving customers a chance to practice their makeup application while videos of techniques are played below. Currently there are also iPads being tested in a number of stores across the US. The iPads are going to be used to give customers an alternative way to find to right product for them.

“Some retailers are afraid to allow devices in their stores, but we embrace it,” says Bridget Dolan, Vice President, interactive Media, Sephora. “We’re bridging the online and offline world, and making it as easy as possible to find the products you want in a way that’s cool, familiar and helpful.”

Another way they have been bridging the online and offline is the ability for customers to check in-store availabilty from the website. Customers can check the website to see if any of the 300 stores have the product that they are after, making a trip to the store less of a gamble.

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