Sportsgirl Introduces Innovative QR Code Feature

Watch this clip to see what the Chapel Street shoppers think of the Sportsgirl Window Shop.

One of Australia’s well known fashion labels is taking another step forward in its bid to be Australia’s Most Innovative Retailer two years running. Sportsgirl took out the award last year at the Online Retailer Industry Awards and has just activated its latest digital strategy.

Sportsgirl has launched a ‘window shop,’ which allows customers to purchase products without entering a bricks and mortar store. This latest concept works by the use of the Sportsgirl QR code system. Sportsgirl products are displayed on the shopfront’s windows, and customers can scan the product’s QR code with their smartphone or iPad to make an immediate purchase.

The ‘window shop’ is a 24/7 shopping experience that will be updated weekly to feature the latest styles. The aim of the QR code program is to bring Sportsgirl’s Superflagship store products to all areas providing customers with a greater choice nationwide. All orders made via the QR codes are dispatched swiftly and customers who make a purchase are rewarded with a gift that is sent with their purchased product.

“We bring the shopping experience to life,” says Prue Thomas, Strategic Brand Manager for Sportsgirl. “It’s about being able to engage with your customer in a meaningful way in their environment.”

The ‘window shop’ first launched at Sportsgirl’s Chapel Street store in South Yarra and is going to be a nationwide initiative.

*A profile on Sportsgirl is featured in The 2012 E-Commerce Leaders’ Playbook

9 thoughts on “Sportsgirl Introduces Innovative QR Code Feature

    • Eric
    • 16th February

    It’s awesome to see brands that use QR technology to their advantage!

  1. Good idea but have a look at how we worked with paypal that could take this to the next level

    • jeff
    • 18th February

    Samantha .. I’ve shared this very good article with our friends at Please feel free to post any of your QRC related writings with there on that page.
    Best regards,
    Jeff Nix

  2. I really think this QR store based idea has legs and we will see a lot more of it. As QR codes become more accepted by customers, it is a huge advantage for bricks and mortar retailers as it saves so much space.

    • Mark Schroeder
    • 22nd February

    An interesting exercise, nice way to underline their innovation positioning. I wonder levels of interaction they got, QR codes being famously limited in their appeal.

    I do see some strategic clunkiness in this initiative. First, the choice of medium: the window. Completely eliminating their normal window displays, which are a means of drawing people into the store, in favour of this approach which almost encourages people NOT to enter the store, seems couterintuitive and unecessary. There are less cannibalistic ways to drive traffic to the ecommerce site. Why not test this approach via a billboard situated on a busy shopping street, or maybe mobile billboards which appear only at peak traffic times…right outside the competition! The Paypal example cited above deals with all these issues by utilising the window only at night.. Nice!

    Second, the execution. The entirely functional graphics are bland at best and brand-inappropriate at worst….surely they could have been more appealing? This commoditises and depersonalises the product in the place where the brand experience should be most immersive and exciting…the store.

    In short, using QR codes per se is no biggie; this could have been smarter…it’ll be interesting to see if Sportsgirl adapts it when they roll it out.

    1. Hi Mark, one thing to note – this store is closed for renovations, so this is how Sportsgirl has made effective use of the blank walls surrounding the construction zone. Drawing people in-store isn’t relevant here.

      The graphics are consistent with what’s on the Sportsgirl website so that’s the ‘look’ across the board, not just for this version.

    • vlad
    • 22nd February

    QR code is a great invention people made. I’m making mobile apps currently and find it really cool to implement QR codes into them. I’m amazed at QR code coupons Snappii app builder allows to create. They are really helpful for small businesses.

    • Mark Schroeder
    • 24th February

    Hi Grant, thanks for the clarification; in that case I’m a little confused by the plan for the window shop initiative to be implemented nationally – unless they plan to refurb all their stores!

    Graphics-wise, I think my point stands; ecommerce product listings should be simple and functional, window displays (including graphics) should be much much more! One would expect window graphics to draw more from the look and feel that appears on Sportsgirl’s home page than a stripped-down product listing page. I don’t think brand values needed to be jettisoned for this exercise.

  3. The QR codes are good but they only take you to the URL at an item level. The corporate retailers still dont capture the intrests of their buying community. Its not all about the purchase, its about capturing peoples desires, whether it be to follow a certain line of clothing or to opt in for a discount. Businesses need to create a return to exclusivity behind their brands. yTagging will do this.


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