Supercheap Auto on Matching Your Omnichannel Experience with Consumer Expectations

Matching your omnichannel experience with consumer expectations is vitally important, according to Supercheap Auto’s general manager of multichannel, Angus McDonald. Speaking at the recent Online Retailer event in Sydney, McDonald, emphasises why consistency across all channels should be a top priority for retailers.

Supercheap Auto on Matching Your Omnichannel Experience with Consumer Expectations angus mcdonald online retailer“Today, we live in an age of increasing technological and social change, where retailers are under constant pressure to continually evolve. More so than at any time before, customers can now get what they want, where, when and how they want it in a now borderless world of retail,” he explained.

“In this new world of retail, customer expectations are continually changing and escalating, rather than remaining as some kind of static target. To continue being successful, retailers must each day keep finding ways to improve the experience and stand out from the crowd.”

Changing Consumer Expectations

Customers increasingly expect to have a variety of convenient options to engage with their brand of choice, according to McDonald. “That may be to transact online to have items delivered, use click-and-collect, or simply research online before heading to the store. It could even be about engaging with the team in-store, then using digital touch points to support decision making or access extended ranges of products and services beyond what is available locally.”

“Whatever the case, the online or offline experiences should not just be a duplication of one and other. They must join together in delivering an enriched overall experience, delivering a seamless, aligned, integrated offer to the customer.”

How to Match Your Omnichannel Experience with Consumer Expectations

“Firstly, you cannot have engaged customers without an engaged team. Secondly, the ‘voice of the customer’ must be heard throughout all areas of the organisation. This should unify all teams across business around a common shared view of customer satisfaction.

Next, identify the critical control points, then measure consistently and simply. This will drive operational focus around the things that really matter. With the masses of data that can be accessed, too often people can find themselves running really complicated scorecards. To really have impact, it is important to remember that ‘all focus = no focus’.

Another topic is to focus on continually engineering out points of friction. Every time you fix something, continuing to listen to customers will highlight the next biggest pain point, and so on.

Lastly, work on what really matters. You can’t fix everything, and you certainly can’t do it all at once. There are opportunities everywhere, but disciplined execution is what enables progress.”

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